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What is Hacking and its Types? Hacking is a method by which one can steal other's information without their permission. There are three types of hacker.

What is Hacking?

What is Hacking?   

Hacking is the finding of weakness in computer systems or networks to exploit its bug to gain access.

Hacking can only be done if hackers get any weakness in our device. That's why we should always pay attention to the security of our system.

When we listen the term hacker or hacking we used to start to think about the thief, bank fraud, etc. But Do all hackers are really bad?

Yes, Hackers are bad but all hackers are not bad. So today in this article we are going to tell you everything about hackers.

I know you are thinking that how a hacker can be good? but yes, some hackers are good. I will also explain this.

Who is Hacker?

Hacker is a person who is able to find the bug in the device or in the web sites and they can fix it or can misuse it.

Hacker is an advance skilled programmer who can access to a system without any permission.

In the previous paragraph, I have promised you that I will tell you that How a hacker can be good? So, the answer is ready for you.

Type of hackers

There are various kinds of hackers some are good and some are bad. Therefore Bad hackers are those who stole the data and money and make us harm.

On the other hand, Good hacker helps us to maintain cybersecurity in our computer and networks.

The good hackers find the bugs in our system and also fix them to provide you safety from a bad hacker.

Now I am going to tell you about the types of hacker:-

"Black Hat" Hackers:-

These types of hackers are bad hackers because they can leak our personal information and can also blackmail us.

They use spy software to bypass the OTP and also use computer viruses like- Trojan Horse.

They can spy our bank accounts details and can do fraud with us. These types of hackers only want money from us.

Their attacks are mainly common because they are not a perfect hacker. They are commonly learner who is in greedy for money

"White Hat" Hackers:-

White hat hackers are also known as Ethical hackers because these hackers are good hackers who fight against black hat hackers and provide us the security.

Nowadays, many famous companies are hiring ethical hackers to increase the security of data.

These hackers hold college degrees from IT companies and they also have to study hard. 

Therefore, The EC Council is the best institute for those who want to become a hacker.

"Grey Hat" Hackers:-

Grey is a color between white and black. Grey hat hacker neither good nor bad.

It depends on their mood. They can do everything they want. They can be good or bad for us at the same time.

Some grey hat hackers find the bug in the company and demand huge money to tell it. They can do anything for personal gain.

On the other hand, some grey hat hackers misuse these bug and leak all the data and sell it to third-party companies.

Script kiddie:-

Script kiddies have no knowledge about hacking. So, they only copy and paste the code that was already created by a hacker.

They can't do hacking on their own. They can only use pre-built software or code for hacking.

Script kiddie commonly learns these things from youtube. As a result, they never try to become a hacker.

"Blue Hat" Hackers:-

Blue Hat Hackers are like script kiddie but But then they reach the dump only when they have to take revenge to anyone.

They do not have any desire to learn hacking. They only use code and software for taking revenge from friends.

Commonly children under the age between 11 to 17 are blue hat hacker. They try to do password cracking for taking revenge.


Hacktivists may be a signal person or group. They can gain the attention of the public using social media.

Hacktivists are commonly used to call the attention of the public for political reasons. Sometimes they leak all the fraud done by the government.

Anonymous is a group of hacktivist which always support public and leak all fraud done by any organization.


Actually, Phreakers are not a hacker they are the only hacker of telephone they can only hack the telephone system.

They can listen to your call recordings and can transfer your call to another person. They can also increase the distance of the call.

These are common hackers. Hence, I cannot tell about all hackers in one post. So, now talk about how to become an Ethical Hacker.

How to become Ethical Hacker?

Do you want to become an Ethical Hacker? If you want to become an ethical hacker than should have these qualities:-

1. Programming Knowledge:

→ C/C++
→ Web designing (HTML/CSS,Javascript,PHP,etc)
→ Visual Basic
→ VBScript, Batch file programming, Autohotkey script writing.

2. Basic Networking Knowledge:

→ Understanding of various networking protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc).
→ Different forms of network encryption.
→ Understanding of packets.

3. Experience with UNIX / LINUX OperatingSystem.

4. Ability to think like a Criminal

How to gain these qualities?

If you want to become an Ethical hacker then you may be thinking that how can I become? and from where I will get these qualifications? So, I have a solution.

EC Council is the institute that makes ethical hackers all over the world. It will provide you the certification of an ethical hacker when you complete the course.

If you want more information about the EC Council than you can visit their website by clicking here.

Why Ethical Hacker?

You may be thinking that why I should become an Ethical Hacker. So, let me tell you there are many reasons to choose this field.

As you know technology is increasing day by day So, All company wants to hire an Ethical hacker for their security purpose.

The job of an ethical hacker is more comfortable than other jobs because you may get up to 7 lakhs in India. In the UK may be 23 lakhs.

You will be called a cyber-security expert (A person who fights against cyber-crime).

What is Cyber Crime?

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber-crime is performing illegal activities by using a computer. All the online fraud like- data leaking, money was stolen, etc. are included in the Cyber-Crime.

Commonly virus attracts can result in a big cyber-crime. Due to this, we also have seen an example of cyber-crime that was the Ransomware Attack.

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